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Scarcity of Data Science Unicorns Is Stifling Business Growth

Article originally posted on https://caserta.com Businesses from every vertical are partnering with data and science consultancies who readily have teams of skilled data science people. At a symposium on data and analytics at MIT, I heard Ron Bodkin, the technical director of applied Artificial Intelligence at Google, speak about the challenges of Machine Learning. The […]

Can you answer the 20 million euro question?

This post originally appeared on the Caserta Data Blog. The new GDPR regulation will change the way organizations worldwide handle data. Be honest with yourself for a just a moment. I’m going to ask you a few questions and if you can answer positively, then your organization is in good shape. If not, then this […]

Webinars Don’t Get the Love that They Deserve

At a recent computing convention where we exhibited in San Jose, our CEO Eli struck up a conversation with one of the attendees at the show. The bold-faced company name on the attendee’s badge jumped out at Eli. This was a company that our sales team prospected and sought to connect with a few times to […]

It’s Time to Stop Extracting Data

The below article was originally posted in the Jethro blog. Boost BI Performance without Data Extracts It’s Time to Stop Extracting Your Data You’re sitting on multi-million or maybe multi-billion rows of data just waiting to visualize, analyze and mine for insights. But before you have your big data eureka moment, there’s a catch. No, […]

Jethro Explainer Video

Challenge Jethro is a technical product that delivers database performance acceleration. The product needs to be marketed not only to a database architect who will implement the solution, but also to business users, analysts and potential investors. The product, which is essentially a dry and technical solution, needs to be humanized and easy to relate to. Solution […]

BI on Hadoop in 2016 – The Elephant in the Room

The below article was originally posted in the Jethro blog. BI-on-Hadoop in 2016 – The Elephant in the Room Last year it seemed like every organization was talking about harnessing the power of big data to gain the crucial business insights required to make data driven decisions. The need for people and groups to blend together […]

Jethro Visual Identity Rebranding

Challenge Jethro Data’s visual identity, including website, logo and colors looked outdated and unpolished. The usage of red was exciting and bold, but also uninviting and didn’t connote a sense of trust. Other companies in the same space also used nearly the same shade of red in their visual identity and it was important to […]